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Golden Medium Vanaspati Ghee Diya – Pack of 30


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Silver Medium Vanaspati Ghee Diya – Pack of 15

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Elevate your spiritual ambiance with the Silver Medium Vanaspati Ghee Diya, now available in a convenient pack of 15, offering a perfect harmony of tradition and luminous serenity.

Radiant Illumination:
Crafted meticulously from premium vanaspati ghee, each diya emits a gentle and radiant glow, enriching your prayers, pujas, and moments of reflection with timeless elegance.

Effortless Ignition:
Experience ease and convenience with our pre-made vanaspati ghee diyas. Simply light the wick and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance they create, without any hassle or preparation.

Sacred Serenity:
Deepen your spiritual connection with our authentic vanaspati ghee blend, steeped in ancient tradition. These diyas invite blessings and foster spiritual resonance with every flicker, enhancing the sanctity of your space.

Extended Brilliance:
Enjoy an extended period of luminosity with each diya burning for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted reverence during your rituals and meditative practices.

Eco-Friendly Design:
Crafted with environmentally conscious materials, our vanaspati ghee diyas burn cleanly, leaving behind minimal residue and contributing to a more sustainable spiritual environment.

Versatile Application:
Perfect for daily devotions, festive celebrations, or moments of meditation, our pack of 15 vanaspati ghee diyas ensures you’re always prepared to infuse your space with divine radiance.


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