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Diamond Cow Ghee Diya – Pack of 60

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Enhance your spiritual practices with the exquisite Diamond Cow Ghee Diya, now available in a convenient pack of 60.

Pure Brilliance:
Crafted from premium cow ghee, each diya emanates a radiant glow, illuminating your prayers, pujas, and meditative moments with purity and grace.

Effortless Ignition:
Experience hassle-free preparation with our pre-made cow ghee diyas. Simply light the wick and immerse yourself in the serene aura they create.

Sacred Tradition:
Embrace centuries-old traditions with our authentic cow ghee blend, invoking blessings and spiritual connections with every flicker of the flame.

Extended Illumination:
Enjoy prolonged luminosity with each diya burning for up to 25 minutes, allowing you to focus on your rituals without interruption.

Environmentally Conscious:
Crafted with natural ingredients, our cow ghee diyas burn cleanly, leaving behind minimal residue and reducing environmental impact.

Versatile Usage:
Ideal for daily prayers, festive occasions, or spiritual gatherings, our pack of 60 cow ghee diyas ensures you’re always prepared to create a divine atmosphere.


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