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Cow ghee diya

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100% pure cow ghee diya
Eco friendly
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Illuminate your puja with the purity of cow ghee diyas
Bring peace and auspiciousness to your home with our traditional cow ghee diyas. Made with शुद्ध घी (shuddha ghee) – pure clarified butter – and natural cotton wicks, these diyas offer a beautiful flame and a clean burn.

Here’s what makes our cow ghee diyas special:
Pure and Authentic: Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, free from wax or harmful chemicals.

Long-lasting Flame: Enjoy a steady, smokeless flame for up to 30 minutes (depending on size).

Divine Fragrance: Experience the subtle, calming aroma of pure ghee filling your home.

Easy to Use: Pre-made diyas with cotton wicks for effortless lighting and puja rituals.

Suitable for All Occasions: Perfect for daily prayers, festivals, or creating a serene atmosphere.

Light a cow ghee diya and invite positivity, peace, and well-being into your home.

Available in convenient packs for your everyday needs.


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